Sunday, May 18, 2014

Skin Removal Surgery- 3 years later

Have you heard about Brooke? My guess is that you have. Here's the basics-
- Brooke has lost 170 pounds. 
- She submitted a fantastic picture to Shape where you can see her excess skin.
- Shape asked for a different picture.
- She, in an amazing act of bravery, declined. 

While all of this was happening, I was getting daily updates with my Timehop app that reminded me that I was approaching the 3 year anniversary of my skin removal surgery

Brooke chose to not have surgery. That was a the right decision for her. For me, having surgery was the correct decision. 

I've been rereading my posts from days after the surgery. Those were some tough days for sure. 

It's 3 years later. The skin has all healed. There is still a scar on both of my arms. 

Every spring I have this conversation:

Student (adults know not to ask...): What's the line on your arm?
Me: I had a grown-up problem and had to have surgery.
Student: Does it hurt?
Me: Nope
Student: Can I touch it?
Me (totally dependent on my mood): Sure OR Nope, it feels just like your skin

If it's an adult that is brave enough to ask I like to mess with them and say "Oh, I had brachioplasty". Usually they just look at my confused. :) Then I go on and tell my story. 

For older students I tell them about how a balloon never goes back to it's original shape. It's the same way with skin. If you stretch your skin so far out that eventually it will stay that size, even if the fat goes away. 

Is the scar worth it? 

Yes! For me it is worth it. 

I also have a small, pencil size scar that goes from hip to hip around my stomach. That one is really a non issue since hubby is the only one that sees that scar and he doesn't care. The only issue that I have with my tummy tuck is that the weight that I have regained has all gone right to my stomach. It makes me mad that I stretched out that skin that was so neatly tucked. When I was gaining I could literally feel the skin stretching. :( 

On the web there is an uprising of amazing ladies stepping forward to share their post-amazing-weight-loss excess skin pictures. Those ladies inspire me to love my body even more. Having my skin removed had nothing to do with being skinnier or being "bikini ready". For me it was about how I fit in clothing and the pain that I felt when things were jiggling all around when trying to exercise.

There have been times over the past few weeks that I have actually felt guilty for having had skin removal surgery. I feel out of the cool kids club because I don't have excess skin to show.  Crazy, I know! 

Our bodies are amazing in so many ways. The choice that I make for my body will not be the same that you make for yours and that's ok. 


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