Monday, May 26, 2014

The photo I use to dread

What were you doing 5 years ago?

5 years ago this weekend we were hosting a Memorial Day picnic/work party. 

Our neighbors had one of those gigantic wooden climbing toys complete with swings, slide, monkey bars, and even a steering wheel. 

They told us that if we could move it that we could have it for free.

We conned bribed invited some friends over to help and offered free food as an incentive. Many couples came. The men worked. The kids (really babies at the time) played. The wives chatted, watched the kids, and cooked.

It was a great day!

That was also the day that one of our "friends" told the kids that the "music truck" did not only play music, but also sold ice cream. Grrr! Imagine Sissy's surprise. She was positive all that truck did was play music. After the "friend" bought all the kids ice cream out of the magical truck, there was no turning back. 

Yep. that's me. 
This picture was taken about a month before I started losing weight. 

Every once in a while that picture will pop up on an old thread or someone will ask if it's me when looking through old pictures. 

I hate that picture.

Correction- I hated that picture.

I was so heavy. So unhealthy.

Instead of seeing the memories of good times with old friends, all I saw was my weight.

That was a fun day! Seeing that picture yesterday reminded me of good times.

Was I unhealthy? YES!
Does that negate the fun? NO!

Photos have an incredible ability to stir up emotions. I'm so glad I was able to stir up the emotion that was really behind this memory instead of focusing on my weight. 

What about you? Do you display old photos or tuck them away?


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