Monday, June 30, 2014

Fitcation Recap

Where in the world do I start?!

We left last Sunday for a vacation in Harrison, ID. Harrison is right outside of Coeur D'alene. Driving to the resort we say traffic advisory signs for the Coeur D'alene Ironman the following Sunday. I got a little giddy and felt like I was near greatness. Those athletes are FREAKING AMAZING!!!

We stopped by Costco in Coeur D'alene and picked up healthy foods for the week: cucumbers, peppers, eggs, cottage cheese, tomatoes, salad, pears, hot dogs, hamburger patties, strawberries and watermelon. I was set! 

Day 1 at the condo was unpacking and checking out the resort. We did go for a short swim that first night.

Day 2 I went for a solo run and then a family bike ride in "downtown" Harrison. We rode for over 2 hours. My guess is that we probably went like 6 miles. The kids were troopers and VERY tired at the end. 

We made it to the bridge!

Day 3 was Silverwood. We walked and rode and walked and rode Eating was spot on. We packed lunch and for dinner I had a great garden salad while the family enjoyed a pizza. 
Silverwood was awesome!
We made it! 2 miles up, up, up the mountain.
Day 4 was a way-too-hard, everyone-lied, "easy" hike up the side of a mountain. Once again the family met the challenge head-on. Somehow we made the 2 mile climb up and mile back down. The views were amazing. We were pooped! After the hike we came back to the condo and went for a "swim" in the lake. It was cold. I was too scared to put my face under water and swim. How am I going to do this upcoming Triathlon?!

Day 5 Back to Silverwood! We spent most of the day in the water and then hit the rides again that night. Once again I was able to steer clear of the "treat" and continued to track as best as possible. I had a HUGE chicken taco salad. It was amazing. I couldn't stop thinking about my failed lake swim. I texted a friend and she suggested I read Swim, Bike, Mom's post from last June. Check it out! Lots of great info on OWS (open water swim). 

Kayaking with the kids was great!
Day 6 Kayaking in the morning. Me?! Kayaking?!!?!! I loved it!!! I NEVER would have done this 4 years ago. After kayaking I went on a morning run (hills+mountain air= BRUTAL!) followed by a serious pep talk convincing myself that I CAN put my face in the lake water to swim. I went back to the condo and told Sissy that WE were going to do it. She is training for her own OWS in August. We had to do it. I took Swim, Bike, Mom's advice and waded in hip height. Then I waited. Eventually I plugged my nose and put my eyes and nose in the water. LOL! Such a scaredy cat! THEN I convinced myself that I could do ONE breast stroke under water. I DID IT!!! Then I did a little more and then a little more. Before I knew it I was doing crawl stroke under water IN A LAKE! It was amazing! Best part?! Sissy did it too. I found my brave in her. I knew that she would never do it if mommy wouldn't.

We were sooooo brave!
I'm home now. I recorded all week. I got in a TON of movement. 
I lost around 3 pounds this week. :) On vacation! I lost 3 pounds ON VACATION! 
What an amazing week. The 3 pounds is nice, but it isn't what made the week amazing. What made it amazing was the time that I had with my family being active and being brave together.  I recorded, but I didn't starve. I ate s'mores and hamburgers. I loved on my kids and husband. This past week I had it all. 


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