Monday, June 2, 2014

The Magic of sub 200

Entering onederland is this feat that many weight-loss enthusiasts strive to meet. I've written before about how being in onederland is magical. 

A few weeks ago I did a 30 mile bike ride with a friend. At the trail turn-around point there is a cute coffee shop. I totally rode the last 3 miles to the turn-around for a skinny carmel latte. :)

We talked about weight gain vs strength/energy. It went like this....

Me: Remember the last time we did this ride? I was 40 pound lighter. 

Her: Yep, we had to stop and rest way more times. 

Me: Yes, it was hard. We didn't stop at all this time.

Her: True! Plus you are way faster.

Me: I am stronger now, but also heavier. I want to be this strong and be below 200.

Her: Why do you have to be below 200?

Me: I don't know....

She's right- I am a way stronger/healthier athlete this summer than I was two summers ago. My stamina has increased. My speed (in running) has decreased. I no longer get dizzy mid workouts. My nails are strong. 

I know there is a middle ground. A place where I am not carrying extra weight (FAT!) but am still getting the nutrition that I need to feel nourished and strong. 

The scale is one measurement of growth. Just one. Being able to complete a 30 mile bike ride and not be sure the next day is another measure. 

I'd love to lose the weight that I've gained so that my clothes fit better. The number on the scale is becoming less and less significant. I'm slowly coming to terms with being the best me that I can be today....slowly. 

How do you measure your success? 


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  1. Funny, I just posted about this topic yesterday. Your friend is right in one sense, and in another, if you think you will be happier at a lower weight, it makes sense to look at what changes you would be willing to make to get there.


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