Monday, June 16, 2014

"I'm actually doing this"

Baby girl decided that she wanted to do a triathlon. 

Me: Are you sure?
Her: Yep, I'm sure
Me: Ok, then you will have to train. Mommy doesn't just wake up one day and go do a triathlon. It takes hard work and practice.
Her: When can we start?

We started tonight. 

We rode our bikes for 1.5 miles.
We walked/ran for half a mile.

We were sweaty when we finished. As we approached the house she said, "I'm doing this. I am actually doing this". At that moment I KNEW I needed video:


I have a little girl that wants to do a triathlon to be like me. 
THAT is the reward.
Not a smaller pant size or even a faster mile.
I have a little girl that wants to be like me.


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