Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I Earned This

Standing at the starting line of my latest race I heard comments like this:

" I haven't trained at all"

" I did ride my bike 10 miles the other day, but that's about it"
" This is my first race of the season, I should have started working out sooner"

I stood there terrified about what was about to happen. I thought about all of my training. I thought about how far I've come.

Part of me got super irritated with these people who didn't need to train. They didn't spend hours a week preparing for this race. They weren't terrified about coming in last.

For the swim leg I stuck with a group of athletes. Some had trained. Some decided last weekend to do a triathlon. We all came from different places. We all had our own story to tell. It dawned on me about half way through the swim that I had earned this race. I worked hard to get to a place where I can compete in a triathlon. I'm not a natural athlete. None of this comes easy to me. NONE of it.

Getting upset with people that do not need to train is not helpful for me. Nothing positive or helpful can come out of dwelling on what comes easy to others. Them not needing to train does not help me reach my goals. The feeling of "it's not fair" does not move me further towards my goals. There are things that do come easy for me (being social, relating to others, showing compassion) that are not easy for others. We all have our strengths. Just because fitness does not come easy does not mean that my goals, your goals, are not obtainable.  

I met my goal for the race, but was disappointed that I wasn't faster. WHAT?! I MET MY GOAL! Comparing my successes to that of others creates in me a feeling of failure that isn't helpful to anyone.

My goals. My story. My success.


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