Sunday, July 27, 2014

Miss me???

Eeek! I haven't posted in nearly 2 weeks. Life has been hopping around here in all good ways.

After my triathlon things got really busy. My son had his 7th birthday party. He may be the cutest kid in town. It was a Minecraft party that this mamma somehow (with a huge nod to Pinterest) was able to put together.  

Then it was time to pack! Over a year ago, my mom and I booked a trip for an Alaskan cruise. The kids were staying home with daddy. I spent the week making lists, cleaning, and trying to make the home as "mommy's gone, what do we do" ready. 

The cruise was amazing. People told me that I would love it, but I had no idea. (Side note- I did puke the entire first day. Did not love that part. I block out that day when talking about the cruise.)

We saw beautiful sights, ate too much food, and spend many an hour lounging poolside. I did get in a few runs. There was a  running track on the top of the boat. Running has taken me to some pretty cool places, but this view took the prize. When I ran I saw this:

On the cruise I read a few books. I'm not a reader, but found that when I have nothing else to do that reading isn't that bad. ;) The one that is fitness related is called Eat and Run. Have you read it?! This guy is a vegan and an ultra marathoner. Reading his book I was really challenged to think more about my food and how it fuels me AND how it makes me feel after run. 

Lots more to say, but I gotta run and wanted to check in with everyone. 

How are you????


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