Sunday, July 6, 2014

Those darn voices (The Sissy version)

Negative self talk can be a beast when working out. Sissy is training for her first triathlon. We were doing a 1.5 mile bike ride and a .5 mile run. After the first rotation of her pedals I heard:

- My pants are too hot.
- It's too hot.
- Why didn't we train in the morning?
- I'm already tired.
- My hands are sweaty.
- This is too hard.
- Why are you making me do this?
- This is a stupid idea. 
- Of course you are faster, you have experience.

Then the bike ride ended. 

I never answered a single complaint. I answered every concern with:
- I'm so proud of you.
- You're so strong.
- You can do this.

Next was a half mile run. The plan was to do a 2 minute walk/1 minute run for a total distance of half a mile.

The complaints continued...
- I'm too tired to run.
- This is too hard.
- My pants are sticky.
- I don't want to run.
- I can't do this.
- I'm dying. 
- See, I can't even run for a whole minute. (I was too ambitious and should have started with a shorter interval. Next time we'll do 30 second runs.)
- What if I fail?

Mommy's answer: "You won't we always finish"

There it is. What if I fail?

We finished the workout. She was hot and super sweaty. I was SO proud of her. She vocalized what all of us have felt on long workouts, but she didn't give up. Truthfully, I am surprised that we didn't end of sitting on the sidewalk having  a pity party. I have been known to text hubby that it's too hard when I'm too tired. My hope is to build on today's success and continue to push her. I told her that to grow we must get a little uncomfortable. There is such a delicate balance with kids.Today I am thankful that I can be out there with her getting a little uncomfortable. 

Honestly, I'm scared to scare her away from fitness. I try to make it fun and more "game" like, but she sees right through that stuff. I'd appreciate ANY and all suggestions. 


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