Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Running with Sissy- Take 2

My first attempt to run with baby girl FAILED in huge ways. HUGE!

She's training for her first triathlon.

We had to TRI again. ;)

Before this next run a few things changed:

- Baby girl got new shoes
- She changed from pants to shorts
- We ran early in the morning to avoid the heat
- We agreed on a 2 min/30 sec walk/run interval (Jeff Galloway would be proud!)

No biking today, so "we" (really me with a super encouraging voice) decided to do a full mile instead of half a mile. 

We started off and she was on fire. After the first run segment she announced that we could probably do a 45 sec run. My heart skipped a beat. I decided to stick with the 30 sec run this time and told her we could try 45 seconds next time. 

1/2 mile mark. Everyone is feeling strong. She set the pace. We were 10:30 min in to the run. Turn around point- HURRAY!

The second half of the run was a roaring success. The pivotal conversation was this:

Sissy: "Mommy, I know that even if I'm last that I will still win. Do you know why?"

Me: (GRINNING from ear to ear) Why Honey?

Sissy: "You have a magnet on the fridge it says something like 'The miracle isn't that I finished, but that I started'. That means that just doing it is winning. Right?"


We finished in 18:30. We had a negative split! We noticed that we both have pink Nike shoes. We made plans to get matching laces. We ran a mile. We rock!


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