Friday, July 11, 2014

Stronger than this challenge?!

Last summer I *almost* signed up for the Lakewood Summerfest Tri and then I watched their promo video. In the video there are fewer than 200 (maybe even 100) participants. I knew that my first tri had to be BIG. A requirement was that I could get lost in the crowds. I got lost in the Iron Girl crowds. It was perfect! 

Confession- I love triathlons so.much.more than half marathon or other running races. 

I feel better when I'm tri training. Balanced. I don't get bored with my workouts. I push hard, but don't have to worry about the fatigue/sickness/time required to train for distances more than a 10k. 

Iron Girl was not in the cards this year because of vacation plans. That left me with a tri hole that had to be filled. I remembered Lakewood. I knew I couldn't get lost in that crowd. A friend was signing up. She's way faster than me. I can't hide. Looking at last years times I am pretty sure I will be in the back of the pack and possibly last. I've never been last.  

The husband will stay with me until I get out of the lake and then he'll go pick up the kids and they will meet me at the finish line. I figured it would be a good lesson for Sissy to see me finishing (even if it's last) to help prepare her for her first triathlon next month. 

I signed up. I'm doing (participating in? running? completing ) the Lakewood Summerfest Tri tomorrow morning. I've trained. I'm WAAAAAY more comfortable with the open water swim than I was a year ago. I am ready!?

I saw this on Facebook this week:

I am stronger than this challenge.
This challenge is making me even stronger. 

Not going to lie- I am terrified to be last. I know that people won't laugh at me. I know that doing my personal best is all that matters. I plan on having fun. I'm still scared. The swimming is hard for me. Once I'm out of the water I'll be able to breathe again. I have 3 hours to finish the race. Last year I finished Iron Girl in 2:15. Even if I have a REALLY bad ride, I'll still finish in 3 hours. 

Tomorrow, and really every day, the challenge for me is being OK with where I'm at and not comparing my success to the success of others. 

I've got this! (Right????)


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