Thursday, January 6, 2011

Excuse me, you are in my spot

A letter to all of the people that have joined MY gym since January 1st:

Dear New Members,
                 I'm really glad that you have decided to join the gym and take care of your body, but you are in my spot. See, I have parked in the same spot for over a year~ 4 spots from the end of the row on the right side of the building. Tonight there was no where to park and I had to park on the street where my daughter was nearly sideswiped by the cars rushing by. I couldn't park in my spot because you were in my spot. This week I went to go set up my weights, but had to use a different size since SOMEONE had taken all of the size 8 weights. Lockers...let's talk about lockers...I really like the lockers closest to the showers so that I can watch TV while changing and quickly get dressed after my shower. Just this week I went into the locker room and there were no lockers in my isle available. SOMEONE had their stuff in each of the lockers. During one of my classes this week (a class that I arrived to 20 minutes early just to get MY spot!) you put your mat within a foot of mine. When working out people need space. If you are going to continue to come to the gym you should know that you can't get that close or you are going to get dirty looks AND might get kicked when I someone is doing mountain climbers.
                            One more thing... The gym should be fun, but I'm not there to play. If I see one more set of girls giggling or primping their hair while I am sweating out half of my day's calories I am going to scream. Yes, the classes are hard. No, that doesn't mean you should just stare at the instructor. It will not get easier by standing around. Get in there! Do it! Get sweaty! Take a quick break if it's too hard, but then get back at it. No one cares about your new cute shoes, your new sweat suit, or how your legs look in the mirror.
                 I hope you stay at the gym. I wish you continue health. I love the new energy that visitors bring to the classes, but could you please get out of my spot.

                                                        Thanks! :)


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