Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My FIRST Little Black Dress!

I remember once our church was having a banquet that was suppose to be a dress-up type of event and I had nothing to wear. It was torture! Back then they didn't make dresses in plus size that were also appropriate for women in their early 20's. My friend and I joked about me wearing a black trash bag to this event. Deep down inside I hurt because I just wanted to be normal.

Guess what? I am normal! I bought a little black dress at Target today. I wasn't even looking for a dress, but found one on the 75% off clearance rack. Did I mention that this dress was a size 12?????  Almost 2 months ago I wore my first size 14 and today I slipped on a size 12 dress.  I feel really uncomfortable in the dress because it is nothing like anything that I've ever worn before. Most people buy a dress like this for a special occasion. My occasion? Today I also hit the 160 pounds loss mark. I let hubby know that he would need to plan a size 12 Little Black Dress worthy night out. I think I might even need to get me some cute shoes to go with the dress. :)

Here's my dress.....

 Look at those collar bones!!! Look at how small my waist looks!!! I have curves!!!  I felt like the girl in What Not to Wear in the dressing room. I could hear Stacy and Clinton saying, "Look at those broad shoulders. See how this dress emphasises your small waist."

I'm still unhappy with my arms and my stomach region, but they will continue to shrink and tighten up as I continue to work towards my overall fitness goals. Plus I keep hearing about these bodysuit shapers that I am planning on checking out very soon.
I feel AMAZING in this dress.
More important than that~ I feel normal!

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  1. That's a beautiful dress for a beautiful person!

    Size 12! That's amazing.

    I know you never thought you'd actually get down to that size but just in case you missed it:

    YOU DID!!!!


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