Saturday, January 29, 2011

Stupid fluid!

With a 5 year old at home our most recent battle is over the word "stupid". Her brother is stupid. Homework is stupid. Mommy's rules are stupid. I have had it up to here with stupid, including this stupid fluid retention problem I seem to have!

If for just one day, ONE DAY, I don't drink at least 64 ounces of water and eat higher sodium foods (eating out anywhere!, ordering pizza, dinner in a box...) I find myself 5-7 pounds heavier the following day. The weight will drop off in a few days, but it is so stupid. Ugh! You might be thinking, "Well, um...why don't you just drink your water and stay away from those foods?". It's not really that easy. I've worked hard to balance my healthy lifestyle with being normal. Normal people eat out occasionally. Normal people have days where they don't drink enough water.

Here are my questions~ Do normal people retain fluid at this rate? Do I retain so much fluid because my body is not use to the excess sodium? Should I just walk around with a water IV for those days that I don't get enough water?

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