Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Plastic Surgeon Visit

I did it! I actually went to visit a plastic surgeon. If you've been following my progress at all you already know that I have excess skin. It's very common with drastic weight loss and there is not a lot of options when it comes to getting rid of the skin outside of surgery. Let me set the scene....

When you enter the office you can hear a waterfall in the background. You approach the desk where the beautiful lady sits that makes you want to re-do every single part of your body.
You are welcomed and offered a bottle of water. As you fill out your paperwork another person comes out and asked you if you'd like a coffee or a nice warm cup of tea.
There is beautiful artwork on the walls and the whole place smells of lilac. 
There are mommy type magazines displayed in perfect order on the table.

I had to wait about 20 minutes to see the doctor, but in an office like this I'd be willing to wait even a bit longer. :)  I went to the office hoping to be able to get my excess skin removed AND get it covered by insurance. After talking with the doctor for a few minutes I quickly realized that I would not be able to use insurance to get what I want. The insurance would (maybe) cover a Panniculectomy which is a skin lift from the belly button down to the bottom of the stomach. If I had the Panniculectomy that would make half of my stomach tight and flat and the other have giggly and not so flat. The doc said that he would be willing to do it, but wanted to warn me that I wouldn't be happy with the results. He suggested a Abdominal Dermatolipectomy which is just a fancy word for a tummy tuck. My insurance won't cover a tummy tuck. He then looked at my arms and suggest an arm lift. Insurance won't cover any part of the arm left. So much for my whole insurance plan! The doc showed me some before and after pictures and I was amazed at what can be done. He told me that I was an "ideal candidate" for both procedures since I have strong muscles and am very healthy. The recovery time isn't that bad and I could get it done in May and still have the summer to play.

Here are my concerns in no particular order.....
  • The cost~ These surgeries aren't cheap and I think about all of the other things we could buy- half a new car, a VERY nice vacation, a semester at college for one of my kids.
  • It is surgery~ What if I die because I want less skin. As my husband would say, "There are way cooler ways to die".
  • Vanity~ Am I doing this just because I want to look nice? Is that wrong?
  • What if I gain all the weight back? I know, I know. I won't gain it back. What if I do and I've spent all of this money?
  • Am I cheating? I've always been a big "no surgery required" kind of girl. I have lost every single pound through healthy eating and exercise. No pills. No surgery. Does this break my no surgery rule?
Here's what gets me excited....
  • I could buy clothes in the correct size- not just to fit my arms or stomach skin.
  • I would no longer feel my stomach flap while running (TMI?? Sorry  :)    )
  • My arms wouldn't hurt from the pain I feel because of the pulling skin when I am trying to box or do any sort of jumping aerobic activity.
  • I won't spend the next 60 years being frustrated that I've done all I can to correct the damage that I've done to my body and it still is not quite there.

So... What do you think? Am I cheating? Is it worth the cost? Should I wait until I've kept my wait off for a while?


  1. I'm giving myself one year of hard work to see where the skin lays. But if it doesn't tighten up I'm heading to the doctor...

  2. Tara~ Originally my plan was to wait for 2 years until getting surgery. This excess skin has become such a weight on my life- both physically and emotionally. I am so ready to move forward and think that this surgery will help me to see myself as who I've become.

  3. Totally NOT cheating! I am still at the beginning of my journey but you can bet that as soon as I get where I want to be, I'll be the first one in line at the surgeon. You've worked hard and this is something that you can't work off.

  4. Totally NOT cheating! I am still at the beginning of my journey but you can bet that as soon as I get where I want to be, I'll be the first one in line at the surgeon. You've worked hard and this is something that you can't work off.

  5. I waited 1 year after reaching my goal but I really don't think it matters. I think everything will go fine for you and you'll be much happier with yourself. Just realize though it's tough in the beginning and you need to make sure you follow what your doctor says to a tee. You will feel pretty good right after but as week 2-3 sets in is when it gets tougher. If you want to ask any questions please just email me bbubblyb@gmail.com.


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