Monday, December 12, 2011

If every day were like today...

On My Fitness Pal you click on a button after you've entered your food for the day. After recording your food for the day you get a screen that looks like this:
Since I started recording again last week, I have seen this screen and it always says between 184 and 186 for my 5 weeks from now message. I don't believe My Fitness Pal. I weighed myself today and was at 195.2. That is a 5 pound loss from my 200+ pound scare last Monday. I have not been below 192 in months and months and months. I struggle to think that my body will let me go below 190. Also, no day is like today. Every day is different. I've been happy with my eating this past week. The weekend wasn't nearly as pretty as the week, but I did OK. Recording helps. I know that. I feel better when I record. I stay on track when I record. So...I may not ever be 184, but I do feel better and in control when I'm honest with myself about what and how much I am eating.

I wonder...what if My Fitness Pal knows something that I don't know....

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