Thursday, December 15, 2011

My butt is on fire!

I ventured out tonight and took a new class at the gym. It's called Fusion Barre. Ever heard of it? Here's a Youtube video that shows the different components of the class. The video is pretty long and you can skip through parts, but it does give a good overview of what the class was like. I wish that I had worn my heart rate monitor. I really didn't expect to raise my HR or break a sweat, but I was a hot mess by the end.

Not knowing what to really expect from the class, I went in early to talk to the instructor. I asked her if big girls can take the class. She laughed and looked at me like she didn't see the big girl that I was talking about. :) Most of the women in the class had dancer type bodies....petite, thin, tight. We grabbed light hand weights (3 pounds) and got started. The first 20-25 minutes was spent warming up. We did some lower body work- squats, lunges, curtsies coupled with upper body weights. The weight work was slow and controlled. I was feeling it in my arms pretty early into the workout.

After the "warm up", we moved over to the "bar". There isn't really a bar. We just held on to the window cell. From here we did A LOT of glute and hamstring exercises. We spent close to 15 minutes in and out of plie squats, tippy toes, and donkey kicks. It was brutal! I was sweating and shaking. I loved every minute of it!

For the last 15 minutes we moved to the floor. On the floor we did some work in bridge pose...flex your glutes...raise your hips...flex your glutes again... you get the drift. After bridge pose we did ab work and finally a little bit of stretching. Ooohhhh my butt hurts!

Running tomorrow afternoon should be interesting....


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