Thursday, September 12, 2013

Confession: I hate exercise right now

Life is crazy busy! I feel like I could tattoo that on my forehead and just point when people ask me how I am. School is back with full force. Sissy is in swim lessons twice a week . I've had several late night meetings over the past two weeks. Soccer for Bug starts next week (get to be the coach). Birthday celebrations last weekend along with my Free to Breathe Run. Making lunches in the morning sucks. Something is leaking under my sink and I can't figure it out. It's hot. Recording food takes time. I'm busy. MANY of you are busy. I get it. I'm living it. Even good stuff can be EXHAUSTING!

I love to exercise, but right now I am so tired that the thought of making time for exercise is exhausting. I know that if I squeeze it in that I will feel better. I know that it's important. 

Today was a rest day. Rest from exercise. I still had 2 meetings after work and wasn't home until 7 PM.

I'm tired. 

Tomorrow morning I am going to get up and run before work. Why before work instead of after school   ? It's simple. I don't want to HAVE to do anything after school so it is easier to get my workout over with before anyone else is even awake. It's not the exercise that i hate, but just the additional drain on my time. 

I don't want to resent my exercise time, but at this moment I really do. 


I'm tired.


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