Sunday, September 1, 2013


This is been a crazy week. School is getting ready to start on Wednesday and, as most teachers around this country, I have been busy with trainings, meetings, and classroom set-up. My job is to work with teachers. I get to see their dedication and commitment to being the best that they can be for your child, for my children. Be sure to thank a teacher this week. :)

Last week I posted about a 6 pound gain and how very frustrated I was feeling about not being able to stop gaining. I went back to what I knew- recording. I added some friends on My Fitness Pal. Thank you so much for people that added me!!! I started the NROLW again. I tracked everything I ate.

I lost 7 pounds this week!

Ignore the tweet from @Irisheyes1982 She photo bombed my screen shot. :)

Don't worry that I am starving myself. I'm still eating. I promise! Check out my diaries from the week. I've been eating 1400-1800 calories a day depending on my workouts. The husband reminded me that 2 days before my minor freak out post last week that I had gone out to Mexican. Sodium is not kind to my body. I am sure that a large part of my loss this week was due to increasing my water and flushing out all that sodium. 

I won't give water all the credit. I worked hard this week. I weighed food again. I measured out portions. I listened to my body's signals and stopped eating when I was full. I even recorded on a Saturday which is usually my "cheat" day.

My favorite thing from this week was the arrival of our new fridge. Forever I've wanted a fancy fridge with ice and water in the door. We have one now! :) I love it for many reasons, but most of all because the kids are drinking a ton more water. I'm looking forward to making smoothies with ice as the base. I've always done frozen fruit, but love doing fresh fruit and ice. 

Your jobs this week:
- Hug a teacher (at least a nice thank you)
- Come be my friend on MyFitnessPal: fergukj
- Pat yourself on the back for helping me. This blog is such a great outlet and support for me. I can't tell you how often I think about my blog friends when it's hard and people around me are sick of hearing about weight loss/fitness/my new recording app. Thank you! :)


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