Sunday, September 22, 2013

Functional Fitness

Search for functional fitness on the web and you'll find:

functional fitness
Web definitions
  1. The ability to perform normal daily activities around the house or at work, without undue fatigue.

    Somewhere in my journey it became less about losing weight and more about "functional fitness". More about being able to go on rides at the amusement park. More about fitting in to booths at restaurants. 

    On Friday we had an emergency at school. The actual cause of the emergency doesn't really matter, but at one point we had 4 ambulances, 3 fire trucks, 40 plus sick kids/teachers and news reporters over head. I teach at a big elementary school (around 500 students). Kids were sitting with their amazing teachers, paramedics were assessing kids, parents were starting to arrive after hearing all the emergency vehicles. 

    What did I do? 

    I ran.

    I ran to each line to make sure everyone in that group was ok.

    I ran to get kids whose parent's had arrived to take them home.

    I ran to check on kids/teachers that were with the paramedics.

    I ran to get water.

    I ran to carry tables. 

    I ran to check on my own children that were safe.

    I ran to print directions to the hospitals.

    I ran.

    Was I tired at the end of the day? As Sissy would say, DUH!

    My fatigue wasn't from all the running, it was an emotional fatigue from the day. My calves cramped up that night, but they carried me through the day. 

    The ability to perform normal daily activities around the house or at work, 
    without undue fatigue.

    While this wasn't a "normal" day, I was able to perform the necessary activities because of the priority I have made in my life to fitness. I assure you that I was not the only one running that day, but I was one.


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