Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Injury update

I went to the podiatrist yesterday and it was a really positive visit. The nurse took X-rays and the put me in this tiny room for what seemed like forever while she "deveoped the xrays". I texted. I waited. I Facebooked. I waited some more. I emailed. I waited. Finally the doctor came in.

Him: What's bothering you?
Me: Well, I'm training for a half marathon and I think that I hurt my foot. It doesn't hurt too bad today, but I want to make sure it's healing.
Him: That's great that your training. I've run 4 marathons and more 1/2's than I can count.

HOT DOG! He speaks running. We talked for a while. He ran in the first Seattle R&R. (That is so cool!). He asked me about me shoes. It went like this...

Him: What type of shoe do you wear?
Me: Asics
Him: Which style?
Me: Bright green

He laughed and told me that that wasn't exactly what he meant. I couldn't tell him the actual style type. We talked for a while about getting fitted for shoes at a real running shoe store. He speaks running!!!

Eventually we got to my foot. The x-rays show no significant damage. He believes that it's simple soft tissue damage. Great news! I have an "irritated tendon". He gave me a brace to wear (it's really just a fancy ace bandage with velcro) and some anti inflammatory meds that I am suppose to keep taking- even if my foot feels all better. He's concerned that the tendon could tear if we don't get the inflammation under control.  

I asked about reducing my runs and he told me that I should be able to continue with my training schedule. I ran 5 miles this morning. I was slow and a bit distracted, but my foot didn't hurt. :) Looking forward to 9 miles on Saturday. He wants to see me in 2 weeks just to make sure everything is healed. 

I a little embarassed to admit this, but I floated out of that podiatrist office. I felt so cool that I had an injury that athletes get. I know that I shouldn't be excited about being injured, but to go from the girl that I once was to the athlete that I am today made me feel pretty amazing. 


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