Friday, May 13, 2011

Days 3 and 4 Post-Op

*Warning- Some pretty specific recovery details.
You might want to turn away if you don't want to know*

Day 3- Pretty uneventful! I slept (a lot) and watched a lot of daytime TV. My pain level has not been bad at all. I'm actually not even really in pain- it's more like I am uncomfortable and encumbered. There are ace bandages on my arms from the wrist up to my shoulder, a binder around my stomach and a million gauze pads holding everything in place. Hubby is going to have to go buy a Costco size bottle of antibiotic ointment before the day is over. I have started itching like crazy on the incision site and where the medical tape is holding the gauze in place.

I took some pictures of my arms today. I can really see the difference! I especially have noticed how much more defined the top of my arm appears in the after shots.

I wish that I could report that my stomach looks amazing, but it is still so bloated and "icky" with the 3 drain tubes. I will take stomach pictures once the drain tubes are out. I didn't sleep well at all last night and plan on taking 2 percocet and a benadryl before going to bed tonight. THAT should do the trick. :)

Day 4- In case you were wondering... 2 percocet and a benadryl will do wonders when it comes to falling and staying asleep in a recliner. :) I went to the doctor today and he was able to remove one of the drain tubes. Woo hoo! He said that he's almost positive that the other 2 will come out on Monday. I was worried that it would hurt when the nurse removed the drain tubes, but the one that she did didn't hurt at all. I am hoping that the other two go the same way. I was given the OK to take a shower today. Another big Woo Hoo! 5 days without a shower is not good for anyone! My stomach still feels SO big. The doctor and nurses all assured me that my stomach is very swollen and will look great when the swelling goes down. I do have to say that it was super awesome to not have to lift up my stomach while taking a shower today.

My pain level has been low again today. I took 2 percocet when I got up this morning and have not had to take anything else today. I continue to take it easy- reading magazines, watching TV, and blogging. I know right away when I have done too much because I start to get the chills and need to sit down. I have several bruises. One of the more impressive is on my hand. It's hard to see in the picture, but the entire top of my hand (where the IV went in) in swollen along with all 4 of my knuckles are black and blue. Tonight will be my first night putting the kids down by myself. I am a little worried about that.... Hubby has been an AMAZING support and I am going to miss having him by my side tonight. Here's to a quick recovery and a relaxing weekend!

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  1.  Your arms look amazing! What an exciting part of your journey this is. Take it slow and you'll be rocking your even hotter bod at the gym before you know it!


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