Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Morning Hangover

Here we are again Sunday morning. Weight gain- check! Feeling full even after not eating for 8 hours- check! Fatigue even after getting enough sleep- check! Dry mouth- check! Guild-ridden- check! Regret- check!

No, I didn't go out to a club last night or even spend a night at home drinking away my sorrows. Yesterday I went to my mom's. I go there nearly every weekend and that always results in me feeling this way on Sunday morning. It's not from drinking. It's from eating. And eating. And eating! Throughout my weight loss journey I've always given myself permission to eat what I want on Saturdays. When I was over 300 pounds it really didn't make a big difference that I would eat an extra 500 calories once a week. The salt and sugary foods didn't leave me feeling sick the next morning. I wake up on Saturdays and crave Poptarts because I know that I am "allowed" to eat them. I never meet my water goal for the day because I know that I'm not keeping track.

It's not just that I go to my mom's and feel like I have permission to overeat. I still have some emotional eating issues related to my childhood that come flooding back when I go over there. I see the open bag of chips and HAVE to have some. Anywhere else I can walk away from the chips. I eat from the time I get there and take a snack to eat on the way home.  My body chemistry has changed and these over indulgences now leave me feeling tired, bloated, and guilty. I need a plan!

Do you have places that lead to overeating? What do you do to avoid or help prevent you from making poor choices?

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  1. Not so much specific places but rather situations and trigger foods. It has helped me immensely to talk to the situation directly. Have a little chat with that weekly visit to mom's house. Tough choices have to be made. We wouldn't force an alcholic into bar or drug addict into crackhouse. Why is then okay for our addiction to be lead to where we know failure may be unavoidable? Maybe your mom should come to your house...where control is more in your hands and not hers.


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