Saturday, March 26, 2011

You need to go pee in this cup...

Many years ago I applied for life insurance and was denied because of my weight. I have decided to apply for life insurance again since I am so close (15 pounds!) to a healthy BMI. Part of my life insurance application was that I needed to have a physical.

Today a man in a nice suit showed up with a suitcase to my front door. We sat at my kitchen table, he asked me MANY healthy related questions, and then handed me a cup. I was told to fill to the line with urine and leave on the bathroom counter. My 5 year old was sitting on the couch watching cartoons. She was very confused! Anyhow, after I went to the bathroom I came back and he told me to step on the scale. I weight in a 189.2. I'll take it! I've lost 167 pounds! After my weigh-in he took my blood pressure. Here's the exciting part- my blood pressure was 117/72. According to the American Heart Association I have a healthy heart! That is success!!!!


  1. WAHOO!!! As a side note, thanks for sharing your surgery journey with us -- will you be taking pictures?

  2. Awww Thanks :) Yes, I am going to take some pics. I don't know when I will be brave enough to share, but will be taking pics. :)


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