Friday, July 22, 2011

High-speed Withdraws

Getting ready for vacations can be very stressful. I couldn't find the charger for my camera this morning. Ugh! I must have been horrible a bit cranky because he pretty much pushed me out the door for my run. I complained that I didn't have time to go and he insisted. Exercise really does bring clarity to foggy situations. On my run I remembered where I had stored the camera cord for safe keeping. Hurray!

I will be away from the computer for 4 whole days! I have to admit that I'm a bit worried. No blogging. No Facebook. No e-mail. No SparkPeople. Ohhh this can not end well. I might find a hot spot along the way to check my e-mail. :)

I've packed my running shoes!
Healthy snacks are in the cooler!
Everything is going to be ok.
Have a healthy weekend.


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