Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"Those" friends and Sweat

Do you have "those" friends? You know, the ones that you only talk to every few months (years....) and yet each time you reconnect it feels as though no time has passed? I have a great group of "those" friends and we call ourselves the "Old Maids Club". We've known each other since high school. Now, let me be very clear- none of us are old and most of us are no longer maids. :) We are a group of amazing, young, vibrant ladies that once upon a time thought that we were destined to be old and unmarried- thus the name. Each Christmas we get together for a few hours to catch up, swap old stories, and reconnect. This past Christmas we got together and they gave me an unexpected gift. They honored me and my weight loss by giving me a gift certificate to a spa. Hurray for massage therapy! I usually go once a month to get a massage for lower back/hip issues, but hadn't used my gift card. Today I was able to go get a massage and it felt great. Usually I go to a medical place (my insurance does cover it after all....), but today was at a real life spa. I felt like a queen. I even got a goodie bag when I left. It was cool!

Thank you ladies for giving me this wonderful gift
and for your life-long friendships.

As a side note- did you see Jen's blog today over at Prior Fat Girl? She is featuring men and women getting sweaty. I am the third one down. :) Thanks again to Kelly for taking the great picture of me rocking the kettle bell.

Off to sit in the sun and bask in the afterglow of a great massage....


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