Thursday, July 7, 2011


I've been overeating lately... Nope, I haven't gained back 170 pounds, but I have gained 5 pounds. School ended 2 weeks ago. Over the past 2 weeks I have spent 10 days at the ocean on vacation, gone to the movies, spent the day at Wild Waves, and have fallen completely off of the healthy eating and regular exercise wagon.

It's not pretty. I don't feel good. I feel stuffed all the time and I don't like how I feel. I miss feeling hungry. I've been eating way too much.

I've learned through this journey that the emotional reasons behind my weight loss (and gain!) are way more significant than the actual act of overeating or lack of exercise. The lack of exercise is easy to explain.  Since my surgery I was only cleared to return to normal exercise last week. When I'm not at home it's difficult to get to the gym. I'm out of my exercise routine because I've been out of my normal living routine. I'll get back to my gym routine in no time.

The eating piece is a little bit more troubling. I know that I can't just eat whatever I want and still maintain my weight. I'm not that girl. I also know that I feel better overall when I am making healthy food choices. Even though I know all of this, I have found myself overeating and eating the wrong foods. Have I just gotten lazy with my choices? Am I bored? I'm not really sure. I do feel like I've lost a little bit of motivation. I've decided that I'd like to lose another 10 pounds. Truth be told I'm 2 pounds over my pre-op weight, plus the 7 pounds that they removed. 10 pounds would put me right about where I *should* be at this point after my surgery. I've updated my SparkPeople goals and am ready to reclaim control over my food choices.

What about you? Do you have summer goal that you are working towards? I'd love to hear about your goals and steps that you are taking to meet your goals.


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