Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Living in an Obese Body

Have you seen this???

This guy is making himself obese on purpose. On purpose! Do you hear that? On purpose! Why would someone want to do that? I'll try to summarize. I actually don't really want anyone to click on the link because I don't want his irresponsible behavior to gain even more popularity, but felt the need to share the link. Here's a summary: This guy, a personal trainer, decided that he wanted "To experience for himself what it’s like to be overweight, how tough it is to lose weight, and ultimately show others how to get fit.". He has gained 70 pounds since May. His blood pressure if through the roof. He has become addicted to soda. He has stopped working out.

I don't even know where to start. Being overweight for 6 months is NOTHING like living for 30+ years in an overweight body. People that know you know that you have gained the weight on purpose. They don't look down on you for gaining weight. It's cool for you to be fat right now. It's a game.

Also, I hope that it takes a REALLY long time for him to lose the weight. What frustrates me is that he will probably lose it quickly. Our muscles have memory. His body should quickly return to "normal" as soon as his exercise and eating habits return to pre-experiment routines. I can tell you from personal experience that it takes years to learn how to exercise and eat correctly. He already has the tools. I had lost nearly 100 pounds before I did my first jumping jack. I had to figure out in my head what my body could do. He already knows what his body can do.

Finally, he was already showing others how to get fit. You don't need to be obese first before teaching others how to not be obese. That would be like me going to a cancer doctor and not letting him treat me unless he has already had cancer. You don't need to have the disease to treat the disease.
I have SO much more to say, but will stop for now. Any thoughts???


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