Monday, October 31, 2011

The scale won't scare me!

Happy Halloween! My daughter woke me up super early this morning to let me know that it was Halloween and that meant that it was almost Christmas. Eeek! She's right. :)

I haven't weighed myself in a few weeks. I woke up this morning feeling uncomfortable in my skin. It's strange, but since my surgery, my skin is very sensitive to the slightest weight gain. I decided that I had to be completely honest with myself and weigh in. The sad news is that I have gained a few pounds. I was up to 196.5. The good news is that I know how to quickly change course and get back to my comfortable 192-195 range. To be perfectly honest with you, I can't remember drinking water since my workout on Friday morning. I know that I have a pound or two of fluid swishing around in my body. Water is so vital to weight loss.

Halloween is probably not the best day to get back to making healthy choices, but why wait until tomorrow? I refuse to put my weight on hold (or allow it to get out of control) just because it's a holiday. I can enjoy Halloween without gorging on candy. We have two months of holidays coming up. If I continued this trend, I'd be up the typical 8-10 pounds of holiday weight gain by the new year. My friend Kelly did a great post about holiday weight gain last week. Check her out!

I'm off to drink some water, make a healthy breakfast, and head off to work. Have a safe and happy Halloween!


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