Thursday, January 5, 2012

Just checking in....

Excuse the randomness...I have a cold. :)

This has been a good week. Nothing spectacular, but a good week.

On Monday, I did my first New Rules of Lifting for Women (NROLFW) workout and felt fantastic! I've been hesitant to return to lifting and have to sacrifice my normal cardio routine. In NROLFW they suggest a 60 second rest between lifting sets. I decided to use that 60 seconds to do some interval training (running in place, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, etc). After I finished the lifting (approximately 30 minutes), I decided to spend a bit of quality time on the elliptical. My big woo-hoo from lifting with interval training was that I actually still burned over 500 calories during my workout. Tuesday was a normal cardio workout day that included running, elliptical, and stairs. On Wednesday, I was suppose to do day 2 of NROLFW. I came down with a cold on Wednesday. The gym was calling my name, so I ended up doing the workout and joining Kelly for Shred after lifting. I am soooooorrrrre today. It a good kind of sore. I'm getting really excited about the changes that I am anticipating with my appearance as I continue to lift weights.

My eating has been going really well this week, but the scale isn't moving. I'm continuing to use My Fitness Pal and have been staying under my calorie limit. I'm thinking about breaking up with my scale again. It's starting to hurt my feelings.

I went in to see the chiropractor again today. I LOVE my chiropractor. When I first started going, I was having to go every other week and was still uncomfortable most of the time. I am delighted to report that even though it's been a month between visits, that I was feeling OK going into the appointment. At this point, I am hoping to continue to go once a month to maintain my spinal health.

Rest day today for exercise and my hubby took the kids to the gym. I am enjoying some sick time on the couch. Speaking of hubby- I totally have to brag on him. Last week, while on vacation, he worked out with me a few times. He worked so hard and kept up with me the whole time. I love when we can work out together!

Drink your water, take your vitamins, wash your hands, and get plenty of sleep! It's a sick, sick world out there.


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