Friday, January 13, 2012

What If....Part 1

So... I didn't leave my husband for the pool boy nor did I scuba dive off the coast, but I did explore my first "What if".  Here's my normal routine:

Wake up-pee-strip-weigh myself...
life happens all day...
jammies on-pee-strip-weigh myself
sleep-wake up and do it again

On Saturday morning I woke up and wondered, "What if, what if I didn't weigh myself this morning?" (Yep, here I go again...) Here's what worries me about not weighing in daily:

What if I gain weight and can't stop gaining?
What if I get lazy and don't workout because I don't know what I weigh?
What if weighing myself is what keeps me healthy?

Last Saturday I decided to take a week off from weighing myself. The fear of what *might* happen was not as strong as my desire to not let the scale control my decisions. I committed to working out (JUST LIKE NORMAL) and watching my food (JUST LIKE NORMAL). I didn't know what to expect.

I lived a normal week and guess what????? I actually lost 2 pounds!
Can you believe it?
Me neither!!!!

Not weighing myself didn't cause me to lose weight, but it did allow me to not be controlled by what the scale said. For the first few days it was difficult to not weigh myself, but by the end of the week I actually found a freedom in not having to always be accountable to the scale for my food and exercise choices. I'm not gonna lie- there were days when it was hard. Times when I wanted to just weigh myself. On Monday, I actually weighed my kids just cause I needed to weigh something!

There is a peace that comes with finally getting that what I weigh does not place a value (good or bad) on the hard work that I do to lead a healthy lifestyle. 356 pounds was a not a healthy weight, but the problem was not my weight. The problem was that I never exercised, I stuffed my body with overly processed foods, and I didn't make my health a priority. Whew! This is big folks! I am so excitied to discover my next "What if"; to challenge myself in ways that I never thought possible.


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  1. Oh to be tied down to the little square piece of emotional battle. To weigh or not to weigh? Trust me Kari this is something we all work through. You know that. My days of multiple weight checking are over but I remember the routine. 4 - 5 times a day I stepped on that scale. I kept trying to convince myself it was because I wanted to get used to the fluctuations in weight. Truth was: I didn't trust that I could take the training wheels off and just use my physical body as an indicator.

    When I moved I got rid of two things: my tv and my scale. Both of which were only doing me no good. When I see a scale at someone else's house I get on it because that little voice keeps trying to convince me that I can't.

    We only have to go as far as looking in the mirror to know that we can and we did.


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