Saturday, January 28, 2012


Before I tell you about my latest weigh-in I wanted to talk about my last post. THANK YOU to everyone that stopped by and offered such encouraging words. It's so nice to know that I am not the only one the struggles with the emotional side of weight-loss and insecure body image.

On to the good stuff! Friday morning....weigh in day....go pee...strip...step on scale...191.9? What?!?! Rub eyes...step on scale again...191.9 AGAIN! SHUT THE DOOR!!!!

I have not been below 192 in soooo long. I actually put 192 into my blog search feature on found 7 references over the past 11 months to 192 pounds and how I feel stuck at that number. I felt like I would never be below 192.

When I started weight lifting I went in to it with my eyes wide open. I knew that I might gain weight as I gain muscle. I knew that I might gain weight because I'd be reducing my cardio. I talked with my most trusted weight loss advisers about lifting and every single one told me that building muscle will help me with my fitness goal and keep my metabolism amped up in ways that it has never been before. To be honest with you, I didn't really believe them, but felt like I needed to try something else because I just wasn't happy with where I was at in terms of my muscular appearance and overall strength.

A weight lifting update....

I feel amazing! I am starting to see definition in my arms, thighs, and even abs. I am running faster. I have broken through an 11 month plateau. (Yep, I fully expect to continue to see the scale drop another 5-10 pounds...) I am actually burning MORE calories during the week with my weight lifting and interval training than I was when I was spending all of my time in fitness classes. I miss my friends in my classes, but I love how I feel when I am dripping in sweat at the end of my own workout. I love stopping my HR monitor and see that I had burned 740 calories in an hour on my own. I did it! It wasn't an amazing instructor. It was me. I earned this.

So, I think that I have to tell something to Kelly, Kristi, Julia, Dawn: Yep, you were right. :) Have a great rest of the weekend!


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