Wednesday, April 25, 2012

1/2 Marathon Training- Week 3

Oops! This is a little late. I've been busy, but wanted to do an official Week 3 post before I finished Week 4. Week 3 consisted of 3 mid-week runs (3-4-3) + lifting Tuesday night + 6 miles on Saturday + Cross training on Sunday (lifting, followed by a 20 minute swim. A few highlights of my week....
~ Had an amazing (for me!) 10 min pace on Saturday.
~ Loved moving my 2nd lifting day from Thursday to Sunday! It felt so much better- physically and mentally!
~ I found a new favorite series of hills to run on Thursdays. It's nice to end the mid-week drag with a challenging run.
~ The highlight of my week was my daughter's addition to my running chart. I kept chanting "Try your best" to myself over and over again on my Saturday run. It really helped get me through. I added Dawn's words of wisdom to my chart. What do you say to yourself to keep up the motivation? I'd love to add your ideas!!!!

Now, as promised last week, some pictures from my long run on Saturday.....

I ended strong!

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