Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Candy Fail

I am eating too much Easter candy.  There, I said it. Now I can move on. 

I've been thinking a lot about food lately and it's role in how my body performs. If my nutrition is not lined up with my healthy living goals (running, maintaining weight, being able to button my jeans, etc), then this battle will remain continuous. I do fine with day to day eating and I'm coming to realize that that is because it's a very controlled environment. On a *typical* afternoon you will open my fridge and find: cheese sticks, yogurt, eggs, and veggies. My pantry is filled with fiber one bars, popcorn, and whole wheat pasta. I can't eat what I don't buy and long gone are the days of stopping by the grocery store just to get a candy bar or going through Jack in the Box for a "snack" before dinner.

My mind totally sees the connection between what I eat, how I feel, and how my body performs. Even after nearly 3 years of counting calories and watching my weight, the urge to grab another handful of jelly beans has not disappeared. Is it just a habit? Am I trying to fill a hole? What drives me to continue to snack on foods that I know don't propel me towards my goals?

Food is hard. It's everywhere. I need it to survive. The answer seems so simple- just don't buy Easter candy. Don't take this as an excuse, but I really wonder how my children will ever learn self control if I banish all "desserts" from the home. Will they grow up hiding candy under the beds because mommy has banned all candy? I talk with them a lot about having a small piece and then no more until (random time frame). We talk about having a healthy snack if they are still hungry. Should my lack of self control when it comes to sweets dictate how they are given treats? Not a lot of answers tonight.....


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