Sunday, May 20, 2012

1/2 Marathon Training- Week 7 recap

I'm delighted to report that the ankle brace is doing it's job and my ankle is no longer irritated. Big plans to go tomorrow after work to get fitted for some running shoes. I'm a little bit terrified that they will laugh at me, tell me that I shouldn't be running, make jokes about me after I leave. You know, the usual. I've found on this journey that the fear of what other will think or say if often greater than what they actually think or say. Besides, I am going to be paying A LOT of money for a pair of shoes, they have to be nice to me. :)

Runs this week:
Tues/Thur- 3
Wed- 5
Sat- 9
Sun- 30 min swim (This was suppose to be 45, but my legs were cramping up so bad from my long run that I had to quit after 30.)

Saturday's run was brutal! The first half was harder than the second.

How can I run 9 miles?
It's so hot.
This road is never going to end?
What happens if I can't finish?
Is hubby up yet to come pick me up?
I want to throw up.

Those voices in my head had complete control over my run. I finished my run, but my time was stinky. I walked nearly as much as I ran. What was worse than my run was the sickness that seems to follow all of my long runs- cramps, shaking, the "runs", fatigue. It just plain sucks! I've got to figure out what is making me so sick after my long runs and try to fix it. I am going to work really hard this week at drinking all of my fluids. I am going to put some Nuun in my water on Saturday to see if that helps. I am planning a route for my 10 mile run that will allow me to hydrate and include pit stops.  I am going to figure this out. I am strong. I am trained. I am capable. There has to be a solution....I just need to find it.


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