Sunday, May 13, 2012

Injury and Weekend Update

Yep, my ankle still hurts. It's really more in the right side of my foot than the ankle itself. After runs or a lot of walking, it swell up pretty bad, but ice does help with the swelling. I've been icing and elevating it 3-4 times a day. On Saturday we went to Target to do some post-birthday-gift card spending. After an hour and a half of walking the isles, my foot was on fire. I haven't been taking any ibprophen, but am thinking that I need to start today. I hate taking medication. I ran on Saturday with an ace bandage and was able to do the 3.12 miles that was on my schedule. Today (Sunday) is my "cross-training" day and I plan to hit the pool after church.

First thing tomorrow morning I am going to start calling a few podarists offices to see if I can get in some tomorrow. My schedule is pretty flexible and can take some sick leave if they can see me right away. I hate the idea of going to the doctor, paying a co-pay (and probably deductible), and having him tell me to ice and elevate. More than hating the co-pay, I hate the idea of continuing to run and doing more damage. I've actually imagined myself driving home after being told that I can't run any more and it's not pretty.

On one hand....I love running (most days). I am committed to this 1/2 marathon. I don't quit.

On the other hand...I love my feet. I need my feet to last me a long time. I could be doing long term damage for a very short term goal.

So, now I wait to see the doctor.

For the fun stuff....Weekend update...

I have had a great weekend! On Friday night, I was able to hang out with one of my oldest, dearest friends without any kids, husbands, or boyfriends. It was fantastic! We went out to dinner (yummy Mexican!), watched a chick flick (The Vow), spent the night at her house and had a yummy breakfast of Starbucks and bagels. After vistiting her, I went for a run in a park near her house that I had never been to before. I love running in new locations. After my run I came home and met hubby for a movie (The Avengers). Hung out with the kids after the movie and played in the amazing weather we've been having.

It's Mother's Day today. My daughter woke me up with a card and breakfast choices:
~ Waffles or cereal (waffles)

~ Butter or syrup (I picked peanut butter)
~ cut or not cut (not cut)
~ milk, juice, or coffee (coffee)

She's so sweet! Hubby bought me some beautiful flowers and they were on the table when I got up this morning. My plan for today is church, swimming, lunch with the fam, and then taking the kids to the spray ground.

What a great weekend! I am truley blessed. It is an honor to be a Mom and I am so thankful for my amazing children.

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