Friday, May 11, 2012

Injured- Part 2

Thank you to everyone for your encouraging words after my last post about my ankle. Two of my friends even called me an athlete and that made me feel amazing. It is still really sore and the swelling has moved to the side of my foot and I can feel it with each step I take.

I woke up yesterday morning and was suppose to run 3 miles. The ankle was feeling "OK" so I decided to go ahead and run, but only do 2 to "take it easy". The 2 miles felt good, but as soon as I got home and took my shoe off, I could feel the throbbing. I tried to stay off my foot and elevate as much as possible yesterday, but it just didn't happen (work, t-ball, cooking dinner, bed time stories, know- Mom, Wife, Teacher stuff). 

Today is pretty much the same as yesterday morning, but it does appear that the swelling has gone down a bit. I am going to swing by the store and get a few ice packs that I can use throughout the day. I am hopeful that the ice will help the swelling. 

For weeks, I've been planning on going up to visit a friend for a "slumber party". My husband is convinced that we are going to run around in our nighties and giggle. My daughter is convinced that we will say up "way late- like 10 o'clock and watch princess movies". I'm going with her guess. :) The weather is beautiful and I was planning on running around her area before heading home Saturday morning. What if I can't run? What if for the first time in 6 weeks I miss my scheduled run? Bigger than that~ what if I can't run this 1/2 marathon? I'm a planner. I follow a program. I follow the rules. What happens when the rules (run 3 miles tomorrow) clash with other rules (ice, rest, elevate)? I know the simple answer of "this run can wait", but my brain is telling me that I will be a failure and if I miss one run, what is going to stop me from missing other runs.  

Off to work....


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