Saturday, May 19, 2012

Do YOU think that you can do it?

So much to talk about.....

First off, I have to share that for nearly a month I have been avoiding the scale. I have felt huge and have been scared of what I might see if I weighed myself. I bit the bullet this morning and decided to "weigh in".  Guess what I weighed...come on....guess. Yep, 193. I have got to learn to trust myself. I know how to maintain my weight. My body is normal. It really does know how to maintain.  

I ran 9 miles today. It was hard. It was SO hard. I had a great talk with my daughter before my run. She always needs to know how far I will be running. It went like this:

Sissy: How far are you running?
Me: 9 miles, do you think that I can do it?
Sissy: Of course I do. What really matters is if YOU think that YOU can do it.

She's so smart! Running is mental. It's me convincing myself that I really do have one more block in my legs. There is a physical component to running, but for me this has become so much more of an exercise in mental toughness. Running is hard. My poor husband must hear me say this 5-6 days a week. Running is hard. My daughter is amazing. She gives me such a perspective. I can only hope that in some way I am helping to teach her to be this amazing young lady who is full of encouragement and hope!

I'll write more about my run tomorrow when I do my weekly running recap. Did I mention that it was hard? SO very hard.

More tomorrow!


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