Sunday, August 10, 2014

Kid Tri report


My daughter, MINE, completed her first triathlon yesterday. She did a 50 yd swim, 1.78 mi bike ride, and a .75 mile run.!

What's amazing about this is that 5 years ago I was a 356 pound mom that hated doing anything with them beyond taking them to the park while sitting on a bench. I still love those rare times where I can just watch or read a magazine, but most often I am playing alongside them. Now we swim, bike, and run together on a regular basis. Sissy hates the run portion, but will do it just because we are "training". I wonder if she'll run with me again without being signed up for a race....

We got to the race with plenty of time. She played on the merry-go-round. I fretted. I could do the swim and the run with her, but she was on her own for the bike course. What if she gets a flat? What if her chain falls off? What if she missed the turn-around point? 

We tested the lake water. Thankfully it was very warm and comfortable. 

Pre-race meeting. Parents listened intently. Kids played. 
(I want to be a kid at all of my races from now on!) 

Parents were allowed to swim along with their kids. Most of the parents waited on the shore. Sissy wanted me right by her side and that is exactly where I wanted to be. I pointed out to her what the older waves of swimmers were doing (run in, start swimming as soon as you can, stay to the right of the buoy). 

Our turn! She rocked the swim, putting her face in the water right away and starting crawl stroke as soon as possible. We got about half way and her goggles fell off. UGH! She stuck with it. I fixed her goggles and we were off again. She swam the entire distance. 

I was able to help her with both transitions. 
We got ready for the bike and she took off. 

Run and done. 

She finished the bike strong and we started to run. We had agreed on a 2 min walk/45 sec run plan from the beginning. We started out running. She protested. :) That's not the plan. Thankfully there was a water spot a few hundred yards in. We agreed to run to that water spot and then start our interval running. 

She enjoys running least of the 3 sports (me too). After some water and Gatorade (she was so excited about the Gatorade!) 

The run got a little uncomfortable for her. I reminded her that we grow when we are uncomfortable. I told her to think about post-race food. That always helps me. She picked Olive Garden. We talked about breadsticks while running. She is for sure my daughter. :)

They had great course support and all of the volunteers were so encouraging to the kids. Rounding the corner to the finish line I told her this was her race and she was going to finish alone. She bolted through that finish tunnel. Beaming. Both of us!

My daughter completed a triathlon.
5 years ago I never would have considered that as an option.

I am so proud of her. She reports that I told her that about a 1,000 times yesterday. She wants to do it again. That excites me. 

All day my Bug kept asking me why I wasn't racing with the adults. He said that I should be out there. I love that he sees me as an athlete that can compete. 

Congrats Sissy!!!!


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