Friday, August 15, 2014

Not this again...

My Facebook post today

I keep playing this record in my weight loss story and it's getting REALLY old. 

I've had a series of "big" events over the past few months that have really derailed my recording and therefor have caused me to make unhealthy choices with my food. I'm not a conscious eater. I eat what I want. When I'm recording I still eat what I want, but I eat it with a different lens. I eat to fill my nutrition needs. When I'm not recording I eat to fill a void, pass time, or just because I can. The idea that it doesn't count because I don't record is straight up stupid. 

I know recording works. It works like brushing my teeth keeps the cavities away. It works like tying my shoes keeps me from tripping (usually). 

I've been pondering the word athlete a lot lately. So much so that it deserves it's own blog post....soon. 

Here's my dilemma- Recording today means having way less Froyo that planned and making a healthier choice at dinner, not recording means another day that I've lost in moving towards my goals. AHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Ordinary choices become extraordinary changes.

Sheesh! I know what to do. Off to record.... Anyone know how to record Froyo?


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