Sunday, August 31, 2014

Holy Splits Batman!

I'm really digging this running thing right now.

I've found a comfortable pace. (I still don't think any of it's "easy")

I no longer feel like death on every single run.

I'm not running significantly more miles than I was before I started working with Kyle, but my running has more intentionality. I'm passed (on most days) getting it done and have a focus and a goal on my runs. 

On my last run my goals was 4 "easy" miles and 2 moderate miles. I ran with a friend so I knew the easy would fly by! Running is so much more fun when i can gab and run. Right before 5 miles we split up so that we could each do our own form of moderate. 

According to my good friends at Nike my mile 5 was a 10:45. WHAT?!?! I would have liked my last mile to be a sub 12, but honestly I had NOTHING left in the tank. It was still my 2nd fastest mile, so there is really nothing to complain about. 

I'm feeling really good about my runs lately. 

I didn't realize it, but I have my last sprint tri in 2 weeks. I thought it was still another month out until I actually looked at the calendar. It's a slightly lower distance sprint (.5 swim, 11 mi bike, 2.8 mi run) but the website calls it "challenging". There are definitely some rolling hills on the bike. 

Here's the elevation map for the bike. I'm the light blue. There are like 4 races going on over the course of the weekend. 

It looks like a pretty big up and then steady with two big up and downs in the middle and then a big down at the end. Tell me it's not too bad.... Please! ;)

Rest day today- woo hoo! School starts back officially this week and I've been adjusting once again to my 5 AM workouts. It's really the only way to fit it all in and still have energy and time at the end of the day. 

Any more races for you this summer?


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