Friday, August 29, 2014

Plugging along

It's been a week since my last post. 

I recorded really well for 3 days.

Then I stopped.

Overeating returned.

Right now is a crazy busy time getting ready for back-to-school while being in a new-to-me building. There is lots to do! It's definitely survival mode at this point. 

True confession- I ate THREE donuts yesterday because I hadn't packed enough for lunch and was too busy to leave work to get more food. I don't tell you this to shame myself. It's reality- when we don't plan for healthy foods, we are really planning on unhealthy choices. Healthy eating takes work and planning. If I had brought yogurt or nuts or rice I would have had that to eat. But I didn't bring those things. No big surprise- I was toast by the end of the day. Completely exhausted. My fatigue was partly from work, but also from poor nutrition. (Did I mention that Costco hot dog for dinner. Oy!)

It's a new day. I have a food plan. Snacks are portioned out. Healthy breakfast being eaten at this very moment. Today my food choices are going to rock. They have to..... long run tomorrow.

Speaking of runs!

I went in to working with a running coach VERY skeptical. Could I really improve? Could I be faster? Could running suck less?


A few weeks ago he said to run at an "easy" pace. I replied that I didn't have that speed. :) Truth is, I didn't. Running was always hard. I have found my easy pace. When it starts to be hard I remind myself to find my easy and it works. I slow down, listen to my body, and regroup. I am now comfortably running 3 miles without walking on my short runs. 

I'm even starting to get faster. *She says in a whisper* 

Off to work and dreaming of a 3 day weekend where the building will be closed and I can't go in. 


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