Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Baggy Jeans and Barbells

Yesterday was quite the day! I felt like I was living in a bad Country Western song- Late for work, students off task, tired beyond tired, forgot my lunch at home, broken down car, wrong pants brought to the gym, rainy day, spilled apple juice, crying over our Kindergarten homework, and a rough time getting the kids to bed.

The was victory in my day!!!! I didn't eat my feelings away. I didn't even cry. I logged my food, drank my water, gave MANY things over to God, and pressed forward. Hubby packed my gym bag for me (note the wrong pants), picked me up from work (note the broken down car) and took the kids and me to the gym. I went to change into my gym shorts and found my 5 year old daughters purple shorts that ARE the same color, but about a 1/10 of the size that I wear. :)

So... the old Kari would have said, "Forget it, I can't work out since I don't have any pants to wear". Not the new Kari! I put on my tank top, threw on my baggy jeans and headed to weight lifting class. I do have to admit that I missed my exercise pants, but had a good workout in my baggy jeans. It even made class a little bit more fun. Each time I looked in the mirror I had to giggle at the fact that I was working out in jeans. It was quite the site to see.

Heading out tomorrow for a little vacation. 6+ hours in the car each way. I've packed some healthy snacks for the trip. I'm packing my running gear and am hoping to come home to see maintenance on the scale after vacation. I'll blog when I get back.

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