Saturday, November 20, 2010

Death by Step Class

For a few weeks now I have been attending a FANTASTIC step class with an instructor (props to Linda!)  who is great at calling out the steps and breaking down moves into steps that I can *usually* understand. Today was not pretty! I set up my step in the rear left corner of the room for several reasons...
* I don't want to mess up other steppers by doing the wrong steps in front of them.
* I don't want other steppers watching me mess up.
* I hate running into other people when I am stepping the wrong direction.

Do you sense a theme? Yep, I mess up quite a bit in step and it's OK. :) Today it seemed liked all of the moves were facing the rear left corner. I had a tough time learning the steps when I was facing an empty wall with no one in front of or next to me to follow. All of the reasons that I stay in the rear left corner flew out the window. All eyes were on me doing the wrong steps and facing the wrong direction. Once I got it in my head that I wasn't able to do these steps all hope was lost. Ugh!

What did I do???? Here were the choices that ran through my head:
* Leave out of frustration
* Do a basic step-up for the rest of class
* Bang my head against the wall until I passed out
* Move to another section of the room

I went with the last option and moved to the right side of the room near the front which, for today, was the rear of the room. Confused? Imagine how I felt! ;) I stayed there until I had figured out the steps (for the most part) and then returned to my step for the end of class. I survived step class, burned 568 calories in 55 minutes, and proved to myself once again and I am stronger as an individual than I ever thought I could be- both personally and physically.

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  1. I LOVE step! I would love to attend a class with you when I'm back in town. Also... you're hilarious! I totally understand not wanting to mess up in front of all the others in the class who sometimes seem to be experts who've been stepping since birth.


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