Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Random Wednesday

A few things....

I hate pantyhose. Pantyhose are a fat girls nightmare. I wore a super cute skirt the other day and froze to death because I own no hose. The up side was that my calves are HOT and looked amazing. :) I don't even understand pantyhose. I get them out of the package and there seems to be no front and no back. Then they run. You spend way to much money on a thin piece of fabric to cover your legs. Is there a brand of pantyhose that you love????

Credit for food not eaten... I think that we should get some sort of credit for the foods that we don't eat this time of year. Tonight at Bible study I only had one rice crispy treat instead of the dozen that I *could* have eaten. No one gave me a sticker for not eating a dozen treats. I suppose that my reward will come when the scale doesn't jump up a pound tomorrow morning for my over indulgences, but it seems like there should be some sort of tangible reward.

The world needs to sllloowww down. This year is going so quick. Many people mentioned today that they are feeling overwhelmed with the holidays approaching so quickly. I had a mini break down last night. I am feeling nervous about gaining weight, fitting in exercise, and still enjoying time with family and friends. What do you do to help organize your life during this super hectic season?


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