Monday, November 14, 2011

Breaking up with Facebook

Are you on Facebook? Isn't everyone on Facebook?!?! I spend way too much time on Facebook. :(

My last post was about the busy week that I have ahead. As I thought about my week, I started to get more and more upset. Missing workouts. Dirty dishes. Baskets of clothes to be put away. There is so much to do! There are so many things to do and, yet, here I sit on the couch. I can spend HOURS reading blogs, checking Facebook, responding to e-mail, checking Facebook, taking care of my city on Facebook. Do you see the common trend? My laptop is permanently glued to my lap for a large portion of the day.

(I just checked Facebook while writing a blog about checking Facebook too often...)

I've made a decision. Don't panic, I'm not closing my facebook account! THAT would be crazy. I am going to spend an hour at night on my laptop (while watching TV, talking to my husband, and thinking about all of the chores that I should be doing) after I put the kids to bed and then turn it off. There is so much more to life than what's on the internet. In the meantime, I'd really appreciate it if you'd water my crops in Cityville. :)


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