Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I'll Help You Up

Picture this: I'm so tired. It's cold. The kids are screaming and telling me to stay home. I'm so tired. It's getting dark. I'm so tired. Sitting at the dining room table, slumped over, I'm so tired.

Super husband comes home from his walk. "Are you going on your run".
Me: "I'm so tired"
Super Husband: "You'll feel better after some exercise"
Me: "I'm so tired"
Super Husband: "I'll help you up"

He takes my hand and helps me up. I drag my butt to my room, change into my exercise clothes and head out for my run. At this point it's colder, darker, and I swear I am even more tired.

No big surprise- less than a 1/4 mile in and I was feeling better. I walked more than ran, but actually had a little bit faster pace than runs earlier in the week. It started to rain midway though my run. It didn't matter. My heart was pumping, I was alive, I was waking up!

Ready for my big revelation??? All of the healthy choices that we make for our lives start by someone helping us up. Sometimes we even have to help ourselves up. It's that moment time and time again that you decide that you want to be different. That you want to feel good. I am blessed to have many friends and family that help me up when it gets oh-so-hard and I am oh-so-tired. How about you? Who helps you up? I worry that some people reading this may feel like they have no one to help them up. Call me! Text me! E-mail me! I will come and help you up.


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