Monday, November 21, 2011

I could have cried....

***The details have been changed to protect the innocent.... and the guilty ;)

*This week I went to an *underwater basket weaving class. I've been to this type of class many times before. I actually was pretty good at it when a different teacher was teaching *underwater basket weaving. I have had other teachers and have still been pretty good. Tonight there was a new instructor. She made comments like, *"If you've never swim before, just keep walking back and forth. We'll meet you back in the shallow end". Usually my underwater basket weaving teachers break the strokes down in a way that even a brand new swimmer will be designing award winning basket by the end of the class. This class was different. The rule was (at least it seemed to me...)- If you don't know how to swim, you really shouldn't be in this pool. 30 minutes into class I had reached a level of frustration that I have never before experienced in this class any class. I had two choices- leave and cry or leave and do something else. I am proud to say that I chose the latter. I hopped out of the pool, got on the elliptical for 10 minutes, ran laps around the gym for 10 minutes, did stairs for 5 minutes and then cooled down. Workout complete!

I feel great about the choice that I made to complete my 60 minutes of cardio. I feel super frustrated with myself that I gave up. I tried to stick it out. I tried to follow along. I tried to weave my basket. It just wasn't happening. It will be a loooonnnnggg time before I return to that class. I'm inclined to think that maybe I'm not meant to weave baskets, but I've done it before. What about you? Is there a class or an exercise that you've tried that you've just really hated???


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