Thursday, January 30, 2014

Girl Problems

Boys- Beware! This is a super emotional, mushy girl problems sort of post.....

I'm super emotional these days. Last night I cried during the Biggest Loser Triathalon. It really wasn't that emotional. I just finished crying about a lady who won tickets to THE Super Bowl. My kids are having a tough go at school. That made me cry. 

It's so hard to not eat away my tears.

I'm tired. 

I keep reminding myself this is a temporary "condition". It will pass.

Our homework isn't done and the kids are still sleeping. Do I wake them to finish homework or blow off homework. (I'm letting them sleep.....)

This is the first time since I started recording again that I've had my "special time" of the month. It sucks! I want to eat pizza and chips. I'm not, but I want to. 

I cheated and weighed myself this morning. The good news is that I am right about where I was last week. I'm not entering my weight and my plan is to not weigh again until next Friday (my original plan). 

One kid is up. Time to start my day. 

My commitments for today:
- I will stay in my calorie range.
- I will leave work on time.
- I will watch my daughter at swim lessons. 
- I will play a game with my kids after dinner.
- I may cry some more. :)

What are you committing to today? 


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