Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My next steps....

Last Friday I posted a big, ugly, my pants don't fit, woe is me sort of post. 

I have the best support systems in the world. My phone lit up with emails and tests of people asking how they could help. A few asked if I was recording. A few wanted to let me know that I wasn't alone. 

Before losing 165 pounds I never tried to lose weight. Sure, I'd do the occasional soup diet, but never really tried.  When I started losing weight I just kept on losing. I'd have weeks where I wouldn't lose, but never more than 3 weeks without a significant loss.

My weight loss never prepared me for a weight gain.

I never thought I'd be that girl. The one that has gained and lost 100 pounds several times over the past decade.  

I won't be that girl.

I've gained. I don't know how much, but I know I'm not finished. I didn't fail. I had a setback. 

I have a plan

My plan:
- Reach out to those that offered to keep me accountable. (Did you offer? I'll be emailing you soon!)
- Track daily. Everything. All of it. Even if I go over my allotment.
- Eat 1800-2000 calories a day
- After recording for 2 weeks, then I will weigh myself (January 24th)
- Exercise 5-6 days a week (This has, amazingly, become the easiest part of my journey)

I'm waiting to weigh myself until after I've recorded for a bit to get a more accurate weight (less fluid retention/bloating from food coma) AND because they will give me 2 weeks of healthy eating to recover a bit. 

I KNOW that the scale is only one measurement. My teacher friends will appreciate that it is my quick and easy formative assessment. It's an easy way to see if how I'm eating is getting me towards my goal. My other formative assessment? My pants. On Friday (Jan. 17th) I'll try on my jeans again. If they don't fit? See my plan above. :)



  1. Food choices are key. Will you be steering clear of known triggers? Choosing food that keeps you well and the weight off?

  2. Wow, this makes me feel energized and it's not even my plan! A rising tide lifts all boats - thanks :o) You (we) can do this!! Way to go, Kari!!

  3. I have found the "Half Size Me" podcast really helpful in keeping my head on straight. It might help keep you focused to listen to a few episodes.


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