Friday, January 24, 2014

Promises Kept

Weigh-in eve I made myself some promises. I repeated these promises to myself before stepping on the scale. 

Promises about the scale:
- My weight tomorrow will not determine what I eat tomorrow.
- If I'm over 220 it does not erase the 165 pounds weight that I have kept off.
- The scale is only one measurement. 

I wanted to be under 220. I was. :)
I wanted to run this morning. I did.
I wanted to maintain healthy eating regardless of my weight. I have my food planned for the day.

Thinking about my weight....

I'm a pound more than I was in October.
I'm up 26 pounds from my lowest weight.
I have lost 136.6 pounds/38.4% of my starting body weight!

In an effort to not obsess over the scale, my weigh-ins will happen every 2 weeks. The next one will be on February 7th. What do I hope to weigh? I don't. I hope to be healthier on February 7th than I am today. I hope to have recorded for 29 days. I anticipate being around 215, but I know that sometimes our bodies are strange and hold on to weight for odd reasons. 

What about you?
Where do you hope to be in 2 weeks?


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